How it works

How A&V Ice Machines Produce Ice

A&V Ice Makers produce ice on vertically suspended, double-walled cylindrical evaporators. Chilled water is continually re-circulated over the inner and outer surface of the evaporators as refrigerant passes through the space between the two ice making surfaces. This process utilizes 100% of the evaporators’ surface and provides fast production with maximum efficiency of heat exchange. Ice making water is re-circulate by a pump from the stainless steel sump (reservoir), where proper water level is maintained by a float valve. Water flows onto the inner and outer evaporator surfaces by simply tube water distributors. The freezing period is determined by a repeating cycle timer.

When the ice has reached its desired thickness (programmable), hot gas from the compressor is introduced into the annular space breaking the ice bond from the evaporator surfaces realizing the concentric cylinders of ice which fall by gravity into the crusher (ice cutter) assembly. The rotation of the crusher delivers the ice across the grid and discharges it into the storage bin or bunker (not supplied).

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